Quantum Shield High Protection Filter Mask (For Adult HQ07)

Double-Layer Composite High-Efficiency Filtration

Safe from Contamination

Using high-efficiency nano HEPA filter material, PM2.5 filtration efficiency reaches more than 99.5%,can efficiently filter dust particles above 0.3 microns to get fresh air

  • Meets double-layer efficient filtration
  • Filter can be replaced
  • Mask grid precision fit design
First-layer quantum shield shell function 

Filter various odor molecules and large particulate impurities in the air, such as formaldehyde, second-hand smoke, aniline, pelage, bacteria.

Second layer of high protection filter function 

PM2.5 filter, pollen, haze, dust, virus and bacteria efficient filtering, lightweight design, no dangling feeling, gives you a refreshing experience


Quantum Shield High Protection Filter Mask with Double Mesh

  • The first layer: absorption and precipitation, anion purification, electrical comprehensive precipitation, chemical decomposition reaction;
  • The second layer is a high-efficiency HEPA filter, which has a filtration efficiency of 99.5%for particles with aerodynamic diameter ≥0.3 m.

The material meets the ROSH requirements and the national GBT32610-2016 daily protective mask technical specifications for greater safety and security.

Quantum Shield Mask Layers

How to Correctly Wear the Quantum Shield

In order to ensure efficient purification, please make sure the mask is worn correctly before use.

Quantum Mask ViewsThe recommended wearing mode is shown in the above figures :
After the mask assembly is installed, put the mask over the mouth and nose. Then adjust the comfortable position, Hang the upper strap around the head and hang it on the ear, and adjust the tightness of the mask to the face according to the actual situation of the person.

How to Sterilize Quantum Shield ?

Purpose of disinfection
  • In order to remove the residual dust, bacteria and viruses from HQ07 products and prevent secondary use products from infecting pathogens such as bacteria and viruses to make sure the product is clean.
 Frequency of cleaning and filter replacement
  • HQ07 external cleaning: when going out with wearing the mask, you need to clean the outside of mask. You can wipe or spray with medical 75% alcohol.
  • The frequency of HQ07 overall cleaning and filter replacement depends on the frequency of going out and the density of contacts:
    •  Regular outdoor activities and contact with dense crowds, the whole product should be cleaned and disinfected in 1-2 days and replaced with new filters;
    • For occasional outings or less contact with dense crowds, the whole product should be cleaned and disinfected within 3-10 days and replaced with new filters.
Cleaning and disinfection steps 
  • After washing your hands, remove the part around your neck and use your fingers to open the buckle to open the mask grill, take out the old filter and throw it into the trash can.
  • Clean and disinfect mask as follows:
    • Alcohol disinfection: Wipe or spray with medical 75% alcohol, thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the mask and the grill, then ventilate till dry;
    • Boiling disinfection: Put the mask assembly into boiling clean boiling water, boiling it for 15-30 minutes, then air dry;
    • Tableware sterilizer: Put the mask components into the tableware sterilizer, and operate according to the standard of tableware sterilizer, sterilize for 30-60 minutes.
  • After cleaning and disinfecting the mask, wash your hands again and replace the new filter.
 Finally, install the mask grill back in place.
  •  When the shortage of consumable filters occurs, you can continue to use after soaking in alcohol to dry or sterilizing at high temperature. However, multiple reuse is not recommended.