CapsoVision for Capsule Endoscopy

The CapsoCam Plus System is a sophisticated, user-friendly capsule endoscopy solution that provides a full 360° image of the small bowel mucosa – the most comprehensive capsule endoscopy visualization available on the market.

The thorough imaging of the CapsoCam Plus System is enhanced by its wire-free design, which allows for flexibility in patient scheduling, while also providing unprecedented patient freedom and comfort during the examination.

CapsoCam Plus

CapsoCam Plus

Now with higher resolution and double the memory, CapsoCam Plus provides the most comprehensive imaging available in capsule endoscopy.

Developed with Silicon Valley innovation, the all-new CapsoCam Plus System is a state-of-the-art, user-friendly capsule endoscopy solution that is designed, tested, and packaged in the U.S.A.

CapsoCam Plus is designed to improve diagnostic confidence by providing a full 360º panoramic lateral view of the small bowel mucosa. More detailed imaging and a larger vertical field of view allow for better tissue characterization than previous generations of CapsoCam.

Higher Resolution. Greater Clarity.
The imaging hardware in CapsoCam Plus has been redesigned and optimized to deliver a more thorough view of the small bowel mucosa. With higher resolution and double the memory, CapsoCam Plus provides the most comprehensive imaging available today. More detailed imaging allows for greater diagnostic confidence.

What You See Is What You Get
End-facing cameras have an inherent limitation in imaging the inner curvature of the intestinal wall. In fact, the inability of these older capsule endoscopes to visualize interior landmarks such as the ampulla of Vater is well documented.1 Studies have shown that faster frame rates and a wider field of view do not overcome this limitation, which could account for missed lesions elsewhere in the small bowel.2

The value of end-facing cameras is further limited by tumbling, incomplete illumination and the inability to visualize behind mucosal folds. CapsoCam Plus overcomes these barriers by using four lateral, on-board cameras that capture high resolution 360º images of the small bowel, providing a detailed examination of the mucosal surface.


CapsoRetrieve® is a sanitary, single-use kit provided to patients for the collection, storage and transportation of the CapsoCam Plus capsule. CapsoRetrieve provides all the tools necessary for the patient to safely and easily recover the capsule – in just a few simple steps – and return it to the clinic.

The CapsoRetrieve kit includes the following components:

  • Collection pan
  • Magnetic wand
  • Retrieval vial
  • Rinse cup

How it Works

CapsoRetrieve Collection Pan
The patient places the retrieval pan on back half of the toilet and lowers the seat on top of it. The patient defecates into the pan until the capsule is excreted. Once the capsule is in the pan, the patient rinses the capsule by filling the plastic rinse cup with warm water and pouring it over the capsule while it is still in the collection pan.

CapsoRetrieve Magnetic Retrieval Wand
The wand is used to safely and easily remove the capsule from the pan without touching the capsule. The patient simply grasps the wand by the blue handle and uses the magnetic tip to pick up the capsule.

The CapsoRetrieve Vial
After collecting the capsule with the retrieval wand, the capsule should immediately be placed into the vial. The patient closes the lid on top of the capsule in order to release it from the wand. Once the process is complete, the pan and wand are placed into the plastic bag and properly disposed. The patient should follow the physician’s instructions for returning the vial with the capsule to the clinic.

CapsoAccess Logo

CapsoAccess System

Unlike end-facing capsule endoscopy systems, the CapsoCam Plus® System doesn’t use uncomfortable external patient equipment. All of the data is stored in an on-board flash memory system.

To extract the in vivo images and other data collected during the examination, users simply place the capsule into the CapsoAccess system and click download.

The data from the capsule is then easily accessed using CapsoView® software, which is available for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.

How It Works

Step 1

Step 1

Turn on the CapsoAccess system.
The light will illuminate.

Step 2

Step 2

Place the CapsoCam Plus capsule into the
CapsoAccess System with the batteries up.

Step 3

Step 3

Close the lid.

Step 4

Step 4

Click the download icon in CapsoView.


CapsoView® 3.4

CapsoView® 3.4 uses an innovative and user-friendly interface to make the image review process simpler and more efficient. With more features, physicians can choose the settings that work best for them and create a capsule endoscopy report with ease. CapsoView 3.4 features include:

  • An automated Red Detection system that highlights suspected images of bleeding
  • Electronic signature for easy archiving in EHR systems
  • Customizable report templates which reduce redundant keystrokes

Users can choose from a variety of viewing modes, adjust playback speed, and generate a capsule endoscopy report from a single screen with CapsoView:

Precision Speed Controls
CapsoView 3.4 allows users to choose an appropriate playback speed ranging from 1x to 5x. With half speeds of 1.5x and 2.5x and video playback control using a keyboard or mouse, clinicians have complete control over their viewing speed for easier identification of pathologies.

Expanded Viewing Modes
CapsoView users can choose between three different viewing modes, which improves the flexibility of reading a CapsoCam Plus capsule. Our Duo View mode displays two 360° frames simultaneously to show more detail, which may significantly decrease reader fatigue and reading time.

Intuitive Playback Options
CapsoView’s intuitive design places the playback controls where they are easily seen and accessed during image review. Users can:

  • Play a video forward or backward at any selected speed
  • View a portion of an exam frame-by-frame using multiple control options
  • Play or pause with a click of a mouse

Flexible Contrast Adjustment and Precision Magnification
The quality of diagnostic imaging is dictated by what can be seen during an examination. While CapsoCam Plus uses Smart Illumination to automatically adjust the light intensity during a capsule endoscopy examination, certain pathologies may require a closer, more thorough inspection. For this reason, CapsoView provides users the ability to fine tune image contrast and to zoom in on areas of interest.

Quick Image Capture and Easy Annotation
CapsoView makes generating capsule endoscopy reports quick and easy by providing multiple ways of capturing images of interest and creating notes and annotations. Simply click or type to save the frame of interest, which can be easily accessed via the image list.

Enhanced Reference Library
CapsoView contains a user-friendly reference library of images of pathologies, landmarks, and other findings, designed to aid physicians in diagnosis. Physicians can display a frame from the examination on-screen and easily compare the captured image characteristics against the reference library image.

Advanced Color Enhancement (ACE)
CapsoView’s Advanced Color Enhancement (ACE) technology uses computed spectral sequences based on the in vivo image data to enhance tissue characterization which may improve diagnostic utility of the mucosal images.