Strickler Medical Repair & Overhaul Services

Strickler Medical’s repair and overhaul services deal in SPO2 cables and sensors, fetal transducers, flow meters, medical air compressors, oxygen analyzers, oxygen sensors, patient monitors, and suction/vacuum regulator.

Our services include Oxygen Blender Overhaul, Oximeter Sensor Repair, Suction Regulator Repair, Fetal Transducer Repair, and Telemetry Repair.

Now Offering O2 Blender Overhaul/PM Kits!

With the ever growing demand of Hospitals and Depots wanting to keep repairs in house, we have decided to make our O2 Blender overhaul kits available to you. All of our Overhaul / PM kits meet all OEM specifications. While we currently only offer kits for microblenders, other kits will be available in early 2019 for blenders such as Sechrist. Quantity discounts are available.


  • Oxygen Blender Overhaul
  • Oximeter Sensor Repair
  • Suction Regulator Repair
  • Fetal Transducer Repair
  • Telemetry Repair